1. I classify everything in my life as either Scooter or Harley

    • Me: That is totally scooter
    • Me: Definitely Harley
    • Me: What a mocker
    • Me: Too harley for me...
  2. devilsmilesatme:


    why is bandmerch so expensive -a novel by me

    why are concert tickets so expensive - a sequel

  3. foreverlll:

    crying about the smiths is a great way to pass the time

  4. Me

    except I have BOTH Marc Bolan & Boy George all over my room lol

  5. "Solitude is independence. It had been my wish and with the years I had attained it. It was cold. Oh, cold enough! But it was also still, wonderfully still and vast like the cold stillness of space in which the stars revolve."
    Hermann Hesse (via thischarmlessgirl)
  6. Dream boat <3

    Dream boat <3

  7. Can I confess about how this scenerio actually happened to me before in real life? lmao

    The hottest, most “popular” guy at my high school (like he modeled for hollister & stuff he was gorgeous) was in my anatomy & physiology lab class (we were disecting something and had gloves on) and he asked me to get his phone out of his pocket  (no not his jacket...his freaking pocket..)

    (he was wearing baggy sweat pants) and because (as I soon discovered) guy pants have enormous pockets, I was sitting there with my hand timidly searching in his deep pockets for way longer than it should have taken and then the longer it took the more embaressed I got. I honestly couldn’t find it cause his pockets were ridiculous. I was blushing the whole time, giggling and saying sorry or something being generally awkward.

    There I am feeling around the hottest guy ever’s pants for his phone. omfg.

    Now that I think about it… I just realized it was probably on purpose...lol

    I am SO oblivious.

    Like all he had to do was take his gloves off and get his phone out. and what was SO urgent anyway he HAD to ask me to do that RIGHT then. It’s not like we were friends or anything. I’m guessing most people don’t just ask strangers to feel them up for their phones. but maybe it’s my overactive imagination. 

    If it was on purpose thank you sir xD

    It was lovely experience …feeling you up awkwardly. haha. omg I’m such a perv jk

    PS yes…I eventually found the phone lmao xD

  8. jimjampageykins:

    *shouting from the rooftops* OLD BRITISH ROCKSTARS

  9. The Classic Rock fandom has prepared me for the Sherlock Fandom

    I only have to wait 2 years each between seasons?!

    Most of the bands I am obsessed with are broken up forever or dead so this is a breeze lol


  10. My cat brought us home a baby possum!! 
I&#8217;m glad it wasn&#8217;t hurt and we released him back into the wild.
&#8230;My cat is seriously a total jerk -_-&#8216;
Happy Easter everyone lol xD

    My cat brought us home a baby possum!! 

    I’m glad it wasn’t hurt and we released him back into the wild.

    …My cat is seriously a total jerk -_-‘

    Happy Easter everyone lol xD

  11. theleveeisbroken:

    the amount of time i am spending in an imaginary land where I am hot and it is the 70s is really getting out of hand

  12. rock-n-fn-roll:

    Seriously the 80s needs to make a comeback.

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