1. 80slove:


    Me everytime I go to the record store


  2. I just got a call from a woman that works at a big newspaper company that saw my artwork and now wants to do a phone interview with me about me being an artist, my artwork, my processes, inspirations and everything & publish an article about me.

    I feel famous or something. I can’t believe it! :D

    I am so excited.

    maybe my artist dreams aren’t so crazy afterall :)

  3. rememberthecurls:

    ive been listening to 80s music non stop for 3 hours

  4. ilovebabykittens012345 reblogged this from you and added:

    That anon was me lol :)

    lol oh ok yay! 
    Nice to meet you layla - thank you again! lol :)

  5. You are very, very pretty.

    aww, thank you so much! ^-^

    that means alot. I am very flattered anon lol ❤

  6. just-morrissey-and-the-smiths:

The Smiths (On Tour) Shopping List
Image C/o https://twitter.com/vivahate72

I love how Johnny Marr & Morrissey both had to have Hairspray on their shopping list lol


    The Smiths (On Tour) Shopping List

    Image C/o https://twitter.com/vivahate72

    I love how Johnny Marr & Morrissey both had to have Hairspray on their shopping list lol

  7. cameron-babe:

    I ship me + 1983 johnny marr

  8. Remember that time Johnny Marr LIKED my selfie?!



    *fangirl screaming forever*

    well I “like” you too Johnny lol ;) 

  9. lmaoooo I can’t stop laughing xD

  10. My friend’s epic story of how she picked up Duran Duran from the airport

     First of all…..FAVORITE band ever! This was during the tour for Big Thing and the record rep came by the office to touch base that day to finalize stuff for the radio interview later that day (this was when musicians regularly came by stations doing PR) and he mentioned he had to pick them up at the airport that day and he asked me if I wanted to go with. My boss being awesome said I could go. SO….off to Tampa Airport and we are waiting at the gate (when you could still meet people right off the plane) and there were girls already waiting there that had been following them around.

    Eventually people start getting off the plane and finally I see them and got a little nervous and as they came over to us Simon came right up to me and started talking to me like we were old friends ( even better since he’s my favorite) He asked how I liked the album and I told him I was in love with Too Late Marlene and he was pleasantly surprised. We chatted a bt more and then we headed out and as we were leaving I mentioned that I wished I had my camera with me for a pic since I knew it would be crazy at the show that night….and this is where it gets better! He STOPS one of the fangirls and asks her to take OUR picture and would she send it to me!!!!! So we pose for a few pics and I gave her my info but she NEVER sent me one. I don’t have the proof from that day but I do have the memory! LOL.

    Then it was time to leave for the interview and the band took turns doing them and that was Nick’s day….here’s the best part…. Our afternoon jock was at a remote broadcast from a car dealership that day from the back of Monster Truck Bigfoot and Nick did the interview from the back of a monster truck! LOL Of all the guys int he band, Nick had to do that but he was a trooper, I rode in the limo with him to the interview and as nice as he was I was a little intimidated because he was so pretty and proper!

    Simon’s personality is a lot more frivolous. I have pics of Nick in the monster truck I will have to dig out. ALso, John is one of the NICEST people I have ever met. I”ve met him at a Power Station show and two DD shows. I love them all….”

    PS LOL Nick Rhodes in a monster truck! I can’t wait for the pics xD I would have been intimidated by how pretty he was too. what a lucky duck.


    look at him…
    I don’t know if I want to steal his wardrobe or kiss him senseless lol

  12. "If only I was as flawlessly stylish as Nick Rhodes"
    Me sobbing
  13. thelovelymocker:

    I want to build a mod club where all you play is 60’s rock and beat music and dance like you are having multiple epileptic seizures and only those who look like they’ve time traveled from the 60’s may enter the club, all others are not allowed and everyone shows up on a moped

    who’s with me? 



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