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About me

The Name’s Chelsea :)

I took my first breath on April 8 1992, which makes me 22

First & foremost I am an lifelong passionate Artist

Printmaking, Drawing, Painting & Creating are my THiNG

I see the world through a kaleidoscope of vivid colors, endless shapes & only the highest hues & day dreams. Good Luck trying to show me otherwise or Getting my head out the clouds lol

Music is a huge love for me. It's he soundtrack of my life, which is usually as endless & ever changing as my moods. From Classical to Punk, New wave to New romantics, grunge to Rock n Rollers, Blues & Progressive. I listen to EVERYTHING. But I have to say, most of the music I listen to is older than me lol xD My favorite genre is nostalgia. I am an advide Vinyl Collector.

&& if I don’t fill pages with paint, color or lines, they are filled with stories, words & poems. I Love writing.

Fashion & Makeup ♥ are another artistic outlet for me. I see myself as a canvas and I HAVE to express myself, its the artist in me. It's Don't be surprised if you see me in rhinestones, feathers in my hair or a crazy outfit.

I’m a total hippie at heart I can’t STAND wars, violence, drama, & hate. I never judge & I truly can not hold onto grudges - I don’t feel the need to spread negativity in the world, we already have too much.

I’m an Idealist & a perfectionist, a dreamer & a doer I am extremely open-minded & open-hearted, & Liberal in all sense of the word.

Nostalgia is a way of life for me. I'm in love with the past and convinced I was born in the wrong generation and time.

I'm an INFP

I am an Aries through & through

I'm the definition of a Blitz Kid//New Romantics Wannabe

I'm a total Harry Potter nerd :)
&& a very proud Hufflepuff :)

I am definitely a night owl.
Nighttime is my favorite time

England is my second home
Ireland is my third .
Irish Blood, English heart, American Born.

I love Books & Philosophy. Transcendentalism is one that I live by. Thoreau is my hero. John Lennon, even more so ♥

Boy George is also a HUGE inspiration to me, definitely one of my all-time heroes/idols etc. He completely changed my life for the better.

I can say the same for Adam Ant & David Bowie, Love doesn't Describe what I have for them :)

I'm a total nerd. I LOVE learning. History, theology, quantum physics, philosophy, and anything that ends in ology. I'm always asking questions, trying to find answers, challenging perspectives, and trying to enrich myself.

Most will see me as shy quiet & mostly introverted, but I’m not what I seem. I'll most probably surprise you :)

ETSY Art store

Pottermore s/n: DreamSparks112