1. spookyhomo-sapien:

I don’t think Florida’s even a real place anymore.

Merry @#$%ing Christmas everyone. I am boiling hot & miserable :(Seriously Florida?!?! The ONLY state in the US? did you not get the memo that it is winter? I’m just asking for it to be at least in the 70s or 60s for a break. Maybe even just a breeze. What is a season?! lol fml 


    I don’t think Florida’s even a real place anymore.

    Merry @#$%ing Christmas everyone. I am boiling hot & miserable :(

    Seriously Florida?!?! The ONLY state in the US? did you not get the memo that it is winter?

    I’m just asking for it to be at least in the 70s or 60s for a break. Maybe even just a breeze. What is a season?! lol fml 

  2. Me during Finals week… lol xD

  3. My theme song for Finals week lol


    ….how I actually feel about finals week

  4. Last night I dreamt…my Morrissey autobiography finally arrived

    no hope, no harm, just another false alarm…

  5. Having Irish skin & living in FL is a terrible combination :(

    I literally bathed myself in 100 spf uva/uv sunscreen hours before I even went on the beach and I STILL burnt to a crisp :’(

  6. "I think I can help you get through your exams"


    No, you can’t Morrissey, now I’m even more distracted….

    I should be studying fml!@#$%

  7. My biggest regret is missing Adam Lambert back in 2010 on the Glam Nation tour

    I found out too late && there was only a few nosebleed seats.

    I told myself that I’d see him for sure next time… front row center, this time nothing and no one was going to stop me.

    3 years later

    && I just found out he’s not even touring for his fantastic new album




    sorry I need a moment guys. brb sobbing.

  8. So I just found out that I MISSED Tears for Fears in concert in August && had no idea till now </3

    There are just tears now, no fears…

    brb dying of sadness ..lol xD

  9. Scott Walker won the Recall Election?!

    I just lost a little more hope for my country. I’m so dissapointed. I just don’t understand. So upset right now. how could this happen?!

    The guy who who threw out equal pay for women, stripped away unions & union rights, required schools to only teach abstinence-based sex ed, currently is making it illegal for same-sex couples to have hospital visitation rights & every other right, and removed collective bargaining rights for most public employees and teachers. Walker also rejected an $11 million federal grant designed to improve Medicaid enrollment systems for the poor. Walker returned a $37.6 million federal grant meant to set up a health exchange in Wisconsin. I could keep going on but it’s making me nauseous thinking about it. good job america, good job.

    ugh then again I live in Florida with Rick Scott >.< lol

  10. Finals week




  11. After taking all these sociology & anthropology classes and reading into philosophy and many other things I have come to the conclusion that is a good thing to be enlightened, open minded & knowledgeable/educated BUT also I feel like it can be a curse

    - like I just saw behind the magic curtain or someone told me that Santa wasn’t real & now my whole world has spun upside down and everything annoys and bothers me and I can never go back to my previous perspective lol. Everyone else is just going about their lives unaware. Not alot of people understand.

    && there I am always sitting there like WHY!? no! STOP! omging

    Especially when Im sitting there arguing about gender roles, society, culture, feminism, politics or what not.

    Now I can barely watch a music video without pointing out all the the underlying anti-feminist or degrading things going on or wonder casually why its not socially acceptable for guys to wear makeup lol && that is only a fraction of it.

    Its so frustrating. Our society/culture is sometimes just @#$%ed up on every level lol. All the little things. But I guess that’s what makes us human and interesting.

  12. Today I saw a super cute guy walk up and talk to someone right next to me.

    Then his BOYFRIEND walks up to him.

    lmfao yep this is my luck

    So I’ve just come to terms with that fact that I’m apparently only attracted to gay guys lol It’s just official everyone lol. xD

    #straightgirlproblems #2

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