1. The Hobbit Funny Extended Rivendell Scenes

    OMFG I haven’t laughed that much in such a long time. I can’t breathe

    "That isn’t a Elf maid"

    They seriously should have kept these scenes in the movie!!!!

  2. lacigreen:







    On the contrary, my dear anonymous, I can be whatever you want me to be. ;)

    A “female”:


    A “male”:


    Or even a lamp:


    oh yes, especially a lamp.






    It would have been nice if you told me before you started living on my bookshelf.


    a+ thread.


    um It’s ok guys apparently lamp moved to my room now.

  3. Guys…this is officially my new life motto lmao!!! xD

    Guys…this is officially my new life motto lmao!!! xD

  4. Morrissey being interviewed by Russell Brand (2008) on the radio show

    First off, watch the WHOLE interview (this is part 5) because it’s great, funny and their dynamic is perfect. I’ve never heard Morrissey open up and joke around as he does with Russell, they’re both so funny.

    But THIS part is the funniest one ever, I was absolutely dying laughing xD

    I can’t even describe the scenerio that happened properly, just listen to the whole thing, these two are epic together. lolololol absolutely love them both. My two favorite people ever in the same room.

    …..When he freaks out because Morrissey is pressuring him to sing a song in front of him and he’s the biggest morrissey/smiths fan ever, and then after he does Morrissey says “you shouldn’t have done that” haha lololol

    ps I miss the radio show </3

  5. My favorite video EVER aka Morrissey & Marr dancing like beautiful fools lol xD <3

  6. LMFAO!! this just made my life.
omg I can&#8217;t breathe I&#8217;m laughing so much xD

    LMFAO!! this just made my life.

    omg I can’t breathe I’m laughing so much xD

  7. Hitler is informed about The Smiths breaking up

    lmao omg brb dying xD

  8. The most hilarious moment in Rock n Roll History award goes to…

    Marc Bolan when he fell off the stage while he was trying to be all cool jamming on stage with Bowie

    lmfao xD

  9. So I thought…

    that in “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure, Robert said

    "It’s such a gorgeous sight, To see you EAT in the middle of the night"

    Rather than

    It’s such a gorgeous sight, to see you in the middle of the night”

    Just realized it was the latter oops lol

    But I always thought it was so hilarious before.

    I just pictured him walking in on a girl at like 3am to this scene


    && being like “What a gorgeous sight”

    Alright Robert whatever floats your boat


  10. I remember when I was little & my dad was reading me The Hobbit..

    && I thought it was absolutely hysterical when


    like seriously guys it was the funniest moment of my childhood


    I understand now it was just actual thongs and not THONGS ;)

    but I guess even then I had a dirty mind lol xD

    Just picture that mental image though xD

    omg Im going to laugh again when I actually see it in theaters and everyone else is going to be extremely confused like


  11. When my Dad referred to “A Flock of Seagulls” as “A Flock of Haircuts”

    omg I died

    Now I can’t even listen to them without  picturing this & laughing

  12. Marc Bolan & Ringo Starr (1972) - An outtake from the Movie “Born to Boogie”

    omg you guys. I can’t stop laughing.

    These two are absolutely hilarious & so ridiculously adorable. I love them.

    What is air. I can’t xD brb dying lolololololololol

    Everyone needs to watch this xD

  13. I can’t stop bursting into uncontrollable laughter

    Every single time I watch/listen to

    • "Dancing in the Street" By David Bowie & Mick Jagger.
    • or “Careless Whisper” by George Michael

    Every single time. Can’t breathe. idk why lol. xD

    if you ever need a laugh or your having the worst day ever, either of these will cure everything I promise xD

    your life will be complete or never the same haha

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