1. "Basically why I don’t want my music to be called rock n roll is because I don’t like being associated with the myths & the glorification of drugs and alcohol and wild parties that rock n roll goes hand in hand with. It’s a kind of like yeah you know you end up a complete WRECK, well I don’t want any of that & if a kid asks me "Adam, you know I respect you & what you do & should I take drugs?" I say no because I know that whatever they do involved with drugs or alcohol is going to be bad"

    Adam Ant

    Original Video

    Thank god I am not the only one. This is why Adam Ant is one of my heroes. I am not the ONLY goody two shoes in the entire world lol xD He takes this lifestyle & makes it heroic instead of being something to be socially outcasted by.

    I’ve personally have lost alot of friends & struggled with this in my life. I notice more and more of my peers are getting into drugs and alocohol in very unhealthy life-threatening ways and I felt so socially outcasted by the fact that I don’t do drugs or alcohol or go to crazy wild parties. I feel like that I’m going in one direction and the rest of my friends and peers are going in another. It’s a weird isolation. I can’t relate to most people my age. At times like this it’s just comforting to know that Adam Ant went through the same things and believes the same things as me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday John Lennon! 1940-Forever

    Legend. Hero. Musician. Beatle. Artist. Activist.

    Thank you for inspiring peace, love, change, and hope in the world. You did change the world. You changed my world. I do imagine.

    John Lennon has been a lifelong hero and inspiration to me. You guys have no idea. Here’s to my favorite Beatle & favorite person ever. <3

  3. thearcticbeatlesqueen:



  4. Young Boy George <3

  5. Guess who is coming to my hometown this Friday


    I’m so happy & excited! this is absolutely amazing.

    I’m kind of fangirling right now

    I’m drawing him a portrait of Bo :) hopefully I’ll get to give it to him in person. We’ll see. Either way I get to see Obama in person! :D

    I absolutely love him and everything he has done. He has directly helped my life and millions of others and is taking this country in the right direction. If nothing else I’d love to thank him.

    PS this is the first year I get to officially vote in a Presidential election! HELL YEAH. I couldn’t vote for him last time but I’m making up for it this year yay! :D

  6. I just realized I get ALL of my fashion/makeup inspiration from GUYS

    Thank you

    • David Bowie
    • Boy George
    • Marc Bolan
    • Adam Ant 
    • Adam Lambert!

    No wonder why I’m always sparkly lol

  7. Worried About the Boy (2010)

    There aren’t many movies that change your life or shape your perspective. But this movie singlehandedly did. This has to be one of my favorite movies ever.

    Before this movie I knew about Boy George, 80s music and the like but wouldn’t really call myself a fan. After I was completely moved & hooked.

    I had no idea of the Blitz club scene, new romantics movement,  80s music, Boy George, Steve Strange, or Marilyn. I was so inspired. I fell in LOVE with the fashion, makeup, music, personalities, lifestyle and it gave a whole new appreciation for a decade of music and style I previously overlooked. It was like looking into a whole new world. Pandora’s box. A domino effect.

    I discovered and re-discovered Adam Ant, The Human League, Kraftwerk, , Siouxsie and the Banshees, Visage, Spandeu Ballet Culture Club, David Bowie, and a whole new endless catalog of music thanks to the soundtrack of this movie.

    In fact I have listened to little else for the past two months than 80s music lol xD and I’ve only been going to 80s clubbing nights the past few times I’ve been out.

    I bought ribbons to braid into my hair, I experiment more with my makeup and now I want to go out and get a whole new wardrobe. I miss that attitude and appreciation that came with expressing yourself and being apart of a movement. I desperately wish I was Blitz/New Romantic.

    Most importantly I found a whole new respect for Boy George. I went out and got all of his music, bought his autobiography and the like. I fell in love with him. His life is so fascinating to me. I love his sharp wit, his music, his art, his trend-setting fashion/makeup/style and his way of being a trailblazer, causing controversy in the best way possible. Shaking up gender roles and stereotypes. Paving the way for so many others. I would now definitely consider him one of my idols and heroes.

    I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I was moved. The way they filmed this was amazing and in a way I haven’t ever seen before. & Douglas Booth was amazing and beautiful <3

    Everyone needs to see this movie!

  8. June 18 1942 <3

    A Beatle. A Legend. Singer. Idol. Bassist. Musician, Icon. I love him.

    "Today is your Birthday!"

  9. ftw! :D

  10. Boy George

    I love him, his music, && his style. That is all <3

  11. Expectation of being an Artist:

    Reality as an Artist:

    Artist Block is the story of my life xD

  12. So I spent Valentine’s signing petitions on www.change.org  showing my love to the world && my fellow people && hopefully making a change in the world for the better :D 

    I find this so much more meaningful than silly roses or candy and sterotypical gender role-d things, you guys can have those things. I’ve never been much of a romantic anyway lol not my thing.

    Today I’ve learnt to love myself even more && the world around me instead :)

    All You Need is Love.

  13. "No woman who chooses to be self-loving ever regrets her choice. Self-love brings her greater power and freedom. It improves her relationships with everyone. But most especially it allows her to live in community with other women, to stand in solidarity and sisterhood…While the self-loving woman may encounter more conflict, she has the skill to handle difficulties that come her way. That skill is grounded in self-acceptance, integrity, and a willingness always to do what is best for her well-being. Coupled with those skills, she has the strength to stand in community with women, to enter a circle of love"
    Bell Hooks
  14. I really need to remember this more often… <3 :’)

  15. Adam, I love you && your beautiful angelic voice && this beautiful song <3

    && your beautifulness in general

    Outlaws of love <3

    I can’t wait for this new album

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