1. twerkinturtle:

    do you ever feel like there’s barely anyone in your city that listens to the same music you do but when you go to a concert you’re just like “where the fuck have you all been”


  2. "I have no social life, I don’t need it. I live quietly in solitude. Fun is an artificial construct, and if you don’t have a sex life (and I have none at all) it is impossible to deal with people, because people only talk about sex. If you do not have a partner, people look at you suspiciously."

  3. what do you even say/do when you meet Angie Bowie?!?!


    I just found out I might actually be MEETING ANGIE BOWIE

    && I’m freaking out! :’D

  5. thesmithsthoughts:

    The camera crew were never seen again.

    Click for better view.

    LMFAOOOOO OMG this is the best thing ever created on Tumblr I am crying laughing hahaha xD

  6. Album Art



    I made like a weird collection of funny sounds/ yelps/ barks/ moans/ screams Morrissey makes during songs because I was bored

    this is life giving

    omg this is my favorite thing ever made lmao!

    it is a masterpiece :’)

  7. OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING HAHAI think I found the BEST photo of Morrissey ever taken lololThe Poet of our generation xD


    I think I found the BEST photo of Morrissey ever taken lolol

    The Poet of our generation xD

  8. jhonnymarr:









    moz and sandie shaw totally had mini crushes on each other

    thats really possible but also really weird to think about

    you haven’t read her book then…

    she comes off as a self absorbed bore tbh

    but she does say he had very nice legs when she saw him in the gym i’l give you that

    but how can u NOT think that i mean

    Read here

    "I’m such a mess" I excused myself. "I didn’t have time to put any make-up on"
    "You don’t need any make-up, you look great. I love your glasses" he replied adoringly.

    OMG I’m so happy we are all talking about this, I thought I was the only one who read it haha It’s SO interesting! 

    I definitely think they had a thing. I think Morrissey might have had a thing for her in the beginning and she didn’t and then later she fell for him and he didn’t like her anymore lol. But at some point they definitely did. you can even see it in this interview (x) Morrissey is so fangirly lol & in these passages especially.

    Now Morrissey, my new-wave Prince Charming, six foot tall in his socks, picked me up for another photo session to promote our budding musical collaboration. His letters had been constant and wonderful; warm, tender, funny, intimate, always supportive, but I still did not know him too well. In the back of the taxi I could feel his eyes on me, examining the minutiae of my appearance. I was a bit fazed.”

    Once I held him close for comfort, outside the studio, sinking into the softness of his red cashmere jumper. To my surprise he opened up and exuded back. Forgetting his usual jarring physical awkwardness, he allowed himself to melt into the oneness. Back and forth the sympathetic communion of spirit flowed. I knew he could not allow himself this luxury again. Although it was not quite goodbye, it certainly felt like an adieu to the Morrissey I used to know.”

    Morrissey also wrote letters to her with passages like this

    'Let us dance barefoot in the snow until all of St. Petersburg is aflame with jealousy………Ever and ever, Morrissey.'”

    BUT I would also like to show how different they percieved the same incidents lol

    "I drove over to Morrisseys’ Knightbridge flat. He looked dishevelled and worry-laden, his familiar high stiff quiff flopping at half-mast. Although it was almost summer, a fire blazed in the hearth and ‘Top of the Pops’ blinked silently at us from the TV screen. This was a time when Morrissey really needed a close friend. Johnny is fairly easy to get along with, but Morrissey can be exasperating. He seemed never to have learnt the art of friendship, and I felt desperately sad for him, imprisoned in his self-imposed solitude."

    & THEN when you read Morrissey’s autobiography of the same situation he is like 

    "When the doorbell rings and I decide not to answer, Sandie Shaw edges out inch by inch onto a perilously small ledge, from which the drop to Kensington High Street would instantly turn her into packing material, but there she is – shuffling into view with hands and body flat against the kitchen window, as I sit watching her, cradling tea at the kitchen table. It is one of those moments. I open the window:
    ‘WHAT are you doing?’ I gasp.
    ‘Well, you wouldn’t answer the door, so I’m coming through the window,’ she says, legs and arms sprawling through the gap like a giant millipede.

    LMAO I think she forgot to mention the part she basically broke into his house.

    also read these lyrics to this song she wrote about Morrissey o.O

    "By the time I had driven up the Bayswater Road and back I had written my fifth song for the album, ‘Take Him’ - all about a curious incident in a disco…………."

    the lyrics to “take him” mentioned above

    With your pork pie hat
    and your short cropped hair
    Oozing self-confidence she’s going somewhere
    You sashay across the room cast your eyes
    around the gloom
    Hold your arms out in welcome to one and all
    You’ve got the looks you’ve got the youth
    You’ve got the suss you’ve got the truth
    You’ve got the guts to carry it off
    And with brazen face glee you took his attention
    away from me
    And you can take him, take him on the dancefloor
    But if you want more you’d better stand in line
    You can take him but you’d better leave him
    When the dance is over he’s mine, all mine
    He’s mine all mine
    Oh don’t you squeeze his hand
    Oh don’t you hold his stare
    Don’t you run your fingers anywhere
    I know you cast your spell but he’s mine can’t you
    Though his body is with you his mind is on me
    You’ve got the nerve you’ve got the cheek
    You’ve got the dance so to speak
    But I can always dance on my own
    And I’ll hang out so cool
    I’ll take his attention away from you
    And you can take him, take him on the dancefloor
    But if you want more you’d better stand in line
    You can take him but you’d better leave him
    When the dance is over he’s mine, all mine
    You can have him right here upon the dancefloor
    but if you want more I’ll lay it on the line
    You can take him take him to the cleaners
    It don’t take a genius to know that he’s mine
    The boy is mine

    There is SO much to talk about haha.

  9. This started off as one of my biggest fantasies lol

    Watching Benedict Cumberbatch undress


    Following a trail of clothes to the shower


     to find him naked & join him


    & then some




    It was JUST getting good gosh

  10. cdlafere:

    Sherlock : Cheers!!! John!
    John : *what’s this…?*


    • Robert Plant: *moans*
    • Me: *moans louder*
  11. LMFAO!! omgThis is the best quote everI love you Johnny Marr. 

    LMFAO!! omg

    This is the best quote ever

    I love you Johnny Marr. 

  12. startedinliverpool:


    When there is a classic rock song on a commercial:


    when it’s not the original band singing it


  13. So I saw YES in concert!!!

    Managed to get FRONT ROW CENTER tickets LAST MINUTE day of show,

    Got a setlist & drumstick via the singer during the show!

    & got backstage MEET N GREET session with the band!

    & Autographs

    HOW do I get so lucky at concerts?!? I have no idea. It is my super power lol I am still in shock. How amazing is this?!?!

  14. andyrourkee:

it’s been a succesful night

omg this is the best thing ever I am crying laughing haha xDIt is now law. This is pre-smiths lol


    it’s been a succesful night

    omg this is the best thing ever I am crying laughing haha xD

    It is now law. This is pre-smiths lol

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