1. joshvongrimm:

    petition for my favourite band to play every song they ever wrote in one gig no matter how long it takes


    I’m dying xD

    I love it so much


  3. myworried-mind:

oh classic rock fandom……


    oh classic rock fandom……

  4. 70sgroupie:

    you’re not truly in the classic rock fandom until you have sexual frustrations for a dead rockstar

    I blame you Jim…

  5. Album Art









    Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen

    Come Together - The Beatles

    OH GOD


    I just cried out of my vagina

    This is what Heaven sounds like


    i think i just ripped my uterus ouT

    oh my god 

    my god

    omg lol

    Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together
    Queen / The Beatles
  6. My favorite moment of the Oscars is …

    Benedict Photobomber-batch 


    I can’t stop laughing omg. this is why I love him.

  7. OHMYGOD!!!

    Adam Ant was on Oprah tonight for a special interview 


    It’s in the background the whole time on national TV. It’s like he wanted to showcase it for everyone. I am seriously so happy.  He must have sincerely loved my artwork - I am so touched by this.

    He is my hero <3 I mean for a millon reasons that I’ve already fangirled about. His music, lifestyle choice to be drug-free, the fact that we’re both artists, etc but on a personal level he is my hero because of how amazing & sincerely kind a person he is. thank you Adam :)

    It’s like a full circle. I got to give back to him what he gave to me as an artist. I’m completely speechless right now. I don’t think I’ll ever recover lol brb while I die.

    best valentine’s present ever from my favorite person ever lol

    PS Ant Pastiche YOU WERE RIGHT! lol you said my artwork would be on his wall in an interview one day and it actually came true.

  8. Wholock - Sherlock meets The Doctor!

    OMG OMG 

    Can this please be a real thing?!?!

    It would be SO epic. 

    I can’t even…I’m dying. this is amazing

    Sherlock & Doctor Who solving mysteries through time & space - utter perfection xD

  9. stressford:

    i’ve become so fussy about guitar parts in songs ever since i started listening to the smiths like if a guitarist isn’t doing some magical shit that sounds like the stars sparkling i am NOT interested

    omg SAME.

    I am ruined forever now for guitar parts/guitarists/music because of Johnny Marr. I am never impressed anymore at any live music.

    I’m like yeah sure whatever it doesn’t sound like the heavens opened & the stars sparkling….BORING. yawn.

  10. bobageldogeldof:

    when the singer that sexually frustrates you touches themselves onstage 


  11. probably my favorite thing in morrissey&#8217;s whole autobiography
I can&#8217;t believe this is a thing that actually happened lmfao
Morrissey &amp; David Bowie acting like an old married couple.

    probably my favorite thing in morrissey’s whole autobiography

    I can’t believe this is a thing that actually happened lmfao

    Morrissey & David Bowie acting like an old married couple.

  12. ladycyanure:

this is how Steven Moffat turns on every fangirl in the world

yes&#8230;.lol7 times a night shag-a-lot holmes please, my favorite xD


    this is how Steven Moffat turns on every fangirl in the world


    7 times a night shag-a-lot holmes please, my favorite xD

  13. nygirl68:

source:  Morrissey-solo.com



    source:  Morrissey-solo.com

  14. When Morrissey sings “It was a good lay” over & over again so beautifully at the end of Suedehead lolol


    I thought I was mishearing the lyrics…I wasn’t.

    Then I lol’d for like 10 minutes straight.

    Thank you Morrissey for telling us how much of a good lay it was in such a beautiful melodic voice. What deep lyrics. The poet of our century. lol jk

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