1. What it feels like to be aromantic on a daily basis in society

    What it feels like to be aromantic on a daily basis in society

  2. "Kids would come up to me afterwards and say, ‘It’s cool you’re doing a Nirvana song.’ And I think, ‘Fuck you, you little tosser!’"

    David Bowie on performing The Man Who Sold the World. (via somedayshewilldiealone)


    I would have said the same exact thing. fuck those tossers! Go Bowie! tell them how it is. That is shocking & disturbing. I am angered lol. what is the wrong with the world. I cant. nope.

  3. Johnny Marr Talks About His Guitar Sound With Boss

    Everytime he picks up a guitar I am amazed. It’s so magical.
    He is my favorite musician of all time.

    I was sitting here watching this with this expression on my face the whole time lol
    ESPECIALLY when he played the solo in Big Mouth Strikes Again at 3:24!!!

    I literally died. 

  4. "I remember talking about the New York Dolls’ album cover photograph on the very first day we got together - should we sprawl all over each other in photos like they did?” - Johnny Marr

    Apparently yes you did lol xD

    ….actually I even looked & I couldn’t find ANY new york dolls album cover photographs where they got THAT into each other personal space as much as Morrissey & Marr did in these lol so just saying…

    this is the closest one & it’s still not as close….

  5. floatingmemories:

    stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

  6. nickmasoff:

    and then satan said “let there be classic rock band merch only for men”

  7. "Oh I love corned beef & cabbage"
     said no one in Ireland ever
  8. I have never seen a picture so realistic to my actual life in my entire life. This is me 24/7. 

    I have never seen a picture so realistic to my actual life in my entire life. This is me 24/7. 

  9. do-you-love-me-surfer-girl:

    kids today with their fancy hd photos of their favorite band members sheesh the classic rock fandom has to wait for someones grandma to scan in a blurry picture from her 1965 tiger beat

  10. 90s rockabilly Moz…..UNF
I am going to see this beautiful bastard in a few months. I don’t think I’m going to make it lol.

    90s rockabilly Moz…..UNF

    I am going to see this beautiful bastard in a few months. I don’t think I’m going to make it lol.

  11. Instead of ‘dancing in the street’…Morrissey decided to go flashing in the street (x)

  12. Me shopping

    • Me: If Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Boy George or Brain Eno wouldn't wear it then I won't
    • Me: That's so Mod
    • Me: That skirt is very Siouxsie Sioux
    • Me: Those shoes are totally ripping off Vivinne Westwood 1977 Kings Road. I love them
    • Me: I want...you know like on live aid 1985 with Bowie? The see-through shirts like his backup dancers have
    • Me: I'm looking for Robert Smith blouses
    • Me: I need some Janis Joplin shades.
    • Me: Needs more glitter.
    • Me: OMG WHY doesn't ANYONE have platform boots gosh.
  13. psychojello:

    me hitting on a guy: so what’s your favorite makeup tip?



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