1. So what about that time I went to Johnny Marr’s venue for his show 7 hours before the actual show at noon because I was so worried that I wouldn’t get front row center….&& then I was the ONLY person there lol

    Even better, after the first few hours of just sitting on the concrete, next to the door with my portable music player BLASTING “The Messenger” album,

    Iwan Gronow walks past me.

    In a moment of shock and embaressment I just stare...lol while their music plays in the background. I think he looked as surprised as me lol.


    As well as other members from Johnny Marr’s band afterwards

    I think my dad said hi but that is it.

    Oh well….lol

    PS I also saw Angie Marr drive around with Riff’s head sticking out the window in the traffic in front of us lol

  2. I would like to preface this video saying you should watch this entire show because it’s one of my favorite tv appearences Adam Ant has ever done. It’s so funny how much every single person including the host is fangirling over him xD

    Now if you fastforward to 14:00 you will witness Adam giving a lucky girl a big hug AND kissing her straight on the mouth! D:

    *brb dying of jealousy*

    (Her reaction is exactly how I would have reacted too haha it’s priceless xD..)

  3. The awkward moment when..

     I was reading Adam Ant’s Autobiography “Stand & Deliver” & this happened

    "In London Marco introduced me to Boz Boorer, guitarist and musician, best known as a former member of rockabilly band the Polecats, and as a guitarist for Morrissey. Marco and Boz - a great musician with a photographic memory for old singles, a great quiff and lots of rockabilly clothes, even today - had been working on songs together, and I was soon working with them too. We seemed to hit it off, and along with drummer Dave Ruffey started playing old and new songs with a view to touring to promote a new album release in 1993. 

    Miles was still insisting on my recording a duet, though, so I suggested that Morrissey and I duet on Johnny Thunders’ “You Can’t put Your Arms Around A Memory”.
    Sadly it never went further than the suggestion.”

    Then I found this letter Morrissey wrote about Adam:


    I guess that’s why it never went further than the suggestion. Poor Adam :( I’m sure he doesn’t even know why it never happened. He obviously liked Morrissey enough to want to do a duet with him. :( </3

    It sucks & is sad it never went beyond the suggesstion because I love them both, and that would have been amazing if Adam Ant && Morrissey did a duet because they have similar singing styles - espescially in the fact they both do that yodeling thing lol.
    It would have been a beautiful symphony of yodels haha

    I hate when my favorite people dislike each other, especially if one likes the other and the other doesn’t. I adore Adam Ant so that was a bit rude to me especially coming from someone I also like.

    But then again you have to take Morrissey’s comments with a grain of salt sometimes. Yes he says shocking/controversial things all the time but I don’t think he truly means half of them - Pretty sure that’s why he wrote “Bigmouth Strikes Again” it’s just how he is. So I’m hoping it was more of a flippant comment then an attack.

    && Adam Ant doesn’t like Russell Brand or Johnny Depp that much either and I love Russell Brand and like Johnny Depp so I guess it just happens. lol 

    oh well :/

  4. When Morrissey wears those overly baggy shirts &amp; his stomach/chest/hips peek out&#8230; I die every timeuuuunhhhhgfiuehgu@#$%

    When Morrissey wears those overly baggy shirts & his stomach/chest/hips peek out… I die every time


  5. Can I just make a sociology observation/rant/comment?

    Why is it that when David Bowie KISSED a GUY in his music video (Andrej Pejic) no one has said a single negative thing or even mentioned it and have just appreciated the music & artistic performance (AS IT SHOULD BE)

    But no when Adam Lambert (who’s actually gay btw) kissed a guy in his musical performance it was a scandelous “controversy" and he was banned from many tv appearence afterwards and it was a total negative shit storm?

    There shouldn’t be a difference because THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! It’s literally the same exact thing

    I wish Adam would have been treated the same respect.
    WTF society seriously ITS JUST A STUPID KISS. GTFO.

  6. Finals week




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