1. My professor asked if my app was a groupie app

    mission accomplished


    I didn’t realize till after but I guess so? hahahahaha oops

    I prefer to call it a fangirl app. 


    Then he asked if my background was Buddy Holly (it was blurred)

    And even before I could correct him and say it was The Smiths like 5 other people in the class said The Smiths or Morrissey and I was so proud :’)

    I thought I was the ONLY Smiths fan of my peers lol xD


  2. I had a project to make an app design layout for my graphic design class

    naturally I make a concert/band app. duh.

    but it accidently & Inevitably became centered around Johnny Marr & The Smiths lol

    like for the tour tab it’s Johnny Marr’s tour dates, the music tab shows Johnny Marr’s new album that you can pre-order & listen to, the promo tab with interviews is Johnny Marr, the music video tab is a screenshot of “Easy Money” by Johnny Marr, and even the background on the main menu and login is The Smiths.


    guess what I’m wearing for the presentation/critique? my johnny Marr shirt lol


    ALSO I just had an assignment to illustration 3 pieces of art based on a SONG

    can you say johnny fuckin marr lol jk

    it is literally affecting my schoolwork now lol

    save yourselves there is no more hope for me now

    Once you go Johnny Marr you don’t go back haha

  3. That moment when one of the Graphic Design professors in our Uni came into our class with a paper Sherlock mask lol xD


    I obviously chose the right univeristy & major lol xD

    all my professors love sherlock as much as me xD

  4. petertwerk:

    When your teacher makes a reference to classic rock and you’re the only student who gets it


  5. Me during Finals week… lol xD

  6. My theme song for Finals week lol


    ….how I actually feel about finals week

  7. "I think I can help you get through your exams"


    No, you can’t Morrissey, now I’m even more distracted….

    I should be studying fml!@#$%

  8. The ironic moment when your blasting & belting “Map” by Adam Lambert with the windows down

    When your completely utterly LOST as hell trying to drive around your university campus disparately trying to find your class with both your GPS on & a MAP out. Lewis & Clarking it.

    "I don’t need to wander any more

    I have found what I’ve been looking for

    I don’t need a map to know the way

    I don’t need a map to tell me where I’m at”


    Nope @#$% it…YES I DO NEED A MAP HELP IM LOST AS @#$% lol xD

    please help me adam since you know all the ways and shit haha

  9. So I walked past a “Sold” era Boy George clone at my University

    I actually did a double take to make sure it wasn’t him haha.

    lol I don’t want to even imagine the look on my face…He was probably like what? creeper xD

    He was all like:


    && this was probably me:


  10. I’m taking a “Women in Art” class

    @#$% YEAH Feminism! lol

    In all seriousness it’s pretty interesting. I’m surprised how much stuff I never noticed or realized in regards to how women are portrayed in art and the lack of acknowledgement of women artists. I’ve taken two previous art history courses and we basically only learned about Frida, O’keefe, & Hieldegard. There are so many. D: That in itself is proof of the double standard. jeez.

  11. Just officially earned my Associate of Arts Degree!
So proud of myself :) yay

    Just officially earned my Associate of Arts Degree!

    So proud of myself :) yay

  12. LAWL
Sorry I’m always the Hermione of every class xD


    Sorry I’m always the Hermione of every class xD

  13. Yay Finally Finished this! :D
it’s supposed to be for an art history project.
A self portrait in ancient Greek art style. :)

    Yay Finally Finished this! :D

    it’s supposed to be for an art history project.

    A self portrait in ancient Greek art style. :)

  14. Finals week




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